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     Arthur Holzenberg, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist aspires to achieve success in the music industry to earn the respect and approval of his father, Harold Holzenberg, a once successful singer. One night, Arthur’s performance is noticed by Stephan Greenfield, the head of a Music Management Company and the former manager of Harold, and is asked to perform his father’s unproduced album for a record label. Although Arthur is initially reluctant, he is forced to do so due to the urgency of the record executive, the pressure from his recently found band members and the discovery of his father’s terminal illness. Arthur’s journey to solve the issues boils down to the question of whether Arthur will sing his father’s song to save his life thereby destroying the relationship with him for stealing his work or will he choose to perform his song despite the knowledge that he will fail to secure the record deal.








Nightingale: A Melody of Life is a feature-length narrative motion picture, written and directed by Gowtham Namasivayam.

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